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What Are the Dangers of Water Damage?

While we all need water to live, it can do major damage to a home. Water damage can happen due to floods, roof leaks, storm damage, and busted pipes. If you don't handle it as soon as possible, it can…

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5 Signs Your Home Has Water Damage

As a homeowner, you may have the unfortunate pleasure of occasionally dealing with leaks and floods as well as the resulting water damage. According to Forbes, one in every 50 homeowners files a water damage claim each year. Keep an…

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How Does a Water Damage Cleanup Service Work?

Water damage can be one of the most devastating things for a homeowner. From broken pipes and appliance malfunctions to flooding from storms, water can cause serious, and often expensive, damage in an instant. According to Forbes, about one in…

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6 Ways Your Home May Be Susceptible to Water Damage

If you're anything like most homeowners, water damage is one of your greatest fears. Dampness can lead to all kinds of problems if left unchecked. About 29% of home insurance claims come from water damage, according to Forbes. Therefore, it…

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Deep Cleaning Services from Quick Response Restoration

Deep cleaning differs from regular housekeeping. Using different tools and cleaners, QR Restoration's trained personnel clean and sanitize all surfaces and high traffic areas to kill bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19, influenza, coronavirus and other biologics), as well as dirt,…

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Managing a Pipe Burst in Your Home or Business as Well

Water damage is among the most catastrophic events you can experience in a home or commercial building. A rapid response is essential to minimize the damage and preserve options for full recovery. Most burst pipe events arise when a water pipe freezes. In…

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